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Exploring the SECRETory pathway regulation and its contribution to cancer by providing a highly qualified platform for European research training of bright young scientists, with the aim of defining secretory pathway-linked candidate biomarker genes suitable for cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Intro to SECRET

In 2018, 4.2 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in Europe with breast and colorectal cancer (BC and CRC) representing the most frequent cancers. Despite strong efforts, BC and CRC still account for 7% and 13%, respectively, of all deaths from cancer in Europe in both sexes. In the case of triple-negative BC (TNBC, lacking hormone and HER2 receptor expression) accounting for 15% of all BC cases, there are no targeted therapies available and non-selective chemotherapy is the only treatment option.

The overall research objective of SECRET is to drive the understanding of the mutual regulation of the secretory pathway and cell signalling in cancer, which together with our current knowledge, will serve as a platform to identify and interrogate novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for application in TNBC and CRC.

The Team

Our bright young ESRs would like to introduce you to their individual projects:

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