SECRET-ITN first training event in transferrable skills

Due to the present travel restrictions and health concerns stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, SECRET-ITN has re-scheduled and organised the first training workshops destined for the ESRs as online events. The ESR Kick-Off event initially planned to take place in Stuttgart at the end of April was unfortunately cancelled on short notice. As a result, digital training sessions were organised. The first one, an introduction to the network data sharing platform, DaRUS, the data repository of the University of Stuttgart, was quickly arranged and proceeded as scheduled. Three other workshops, focusing on the ethics of science, good scientific practice, and time- and self-management, took place at the end of July. These workshops allowed the ESRs not only to learn about the specific topics, but also to actively interact and build stronger connections with their colleagues. We aimed to create an interactive experience allowing each student to take hold of his/her own PhD project management, to asses day to day productivity, and to build a solid base for ethical scientific practice.

Brain storming for core competencies resulting from a successful PhD project, as part of the Transferrable Skills Workshop I – Time- and Self-Management.

SECRET-ITN navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic

The unexpected hit from the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic has been tough on all of us. Despite difficulties in recruitment and relocation of our young early stage researchers, we have managed to stay focused and overcome difficulties. After several months of quarantine or lockdowns, our ESRs are now back to the bench, bravely pushing their projects forward. In times like these, we have learned to adapt to dynamic situations, to use our time wisely, and to stay (digitally) connected!

Participant gallery of the Transferrable Skills Workshop I – Time- and Self-Management. Staying connected and switching to online training events as a result of the global situation.

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