SECRET-ITN Transferrable Skills Workshop – Innsbruck, 19th-20th of September 2022

MSCActions aim to prepare bright ESRs for successful careers beyond their PhD program. In their 3rd year of doctoral work, H2020 SECRET-ITN young researchers have met in Innsbruck at local beneficiary Prof. Hesso Farhan at the Biocenter of the Medical University of Innsbruck for the EMBO Solutions GmbH workshop on “Communicating Research”. Over two days, the course was focusing on research paper writing, the submission and review process, as well as presenting one’s own research in posters, short talks and flash presentations.

SECRET-ITN group photo at the EMBO course “Communicating Research” – Innsbruck, 2022

Thanks to Dr. Céline Carret for being a wonderful trainer, and to Prof Farhan and his team for organising the event! We also thank the ESRs for their ongoing thirst for knowledge and consistent motivation!

Mario Macìa Guardado seconding in Freiburg from September 2022

ESR 11, Mario, hosted at MUW in Vienna in the group of Prof Helmut Dolznig, has started his intersectoral secondment in the lab of Dr. Julia Schüler at Charles River Laboratories (CRDS) in Freiburg. The secondment aims to add in vivo data for the validation of Mario’s advanced in vitro 3D cell culture model studies.

Mario (ESR12, left) and Negar (ESR8, middle) are both seconding at Charles River Laboratories (CRDS) where Jacqueline (ESR13, right) is conducting her PhD project.

Catarina Marques, ESR 10, has completed her second secondment in Athens at beneficiary ProtAtOnce (PAO)

Catarina Marques, ESR 10, hosted at VUMC in Amsterdam in the group of Prof Connie Jimenez, has conducted a one month secondment starting in mid August 2022 at the beneficiary PAO, under the supervision of Prof Leonidas Alexopoulos. She worked together with ESR 14, Alexia Gali, hosted at PAO, using multiplex assays to complement her project.

The Hausser lab welcomes Sevgi Özen from Istanbul Technical University to the team for a two-month ERASMUS+ traineeship

Sevgi Özen from Istanbul Technical University has joined the group of Prof Dr Angelika Hausser (Apl.) at the Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology, belonging to the coordinator of the ITN, the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT). Sevgi will support the work on the individual research project of Hazal Yilmaz (ESR1 of SECRET ITN), focusing on the role of GEF-H1 in TNBC progression. We warmly welcome her and hope for a successful traineeship!

A last captivating “Careers in the Life Sciences” seminar series talk before the summer break – focus on entrepreneurship with Dr. Christian Tidona – BioMed X Institute (July 15th, 2022)

Within the digital seminar series “Careers in the Life Sciences” we had the pleasure of hosting the talk of Dr. Christian Tidona, Founder and Managing Director, BioMed X Institute, co-founder of BioRN, the cluster management organization at the center of one of the strongest biomedical innovation hubs in Europe, co-founder of the Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine HI-STEM, member of the International Board of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and member of the Board of Directors of Yeda Research and Development. Throughout his entire professional life, his focus was always to seed innovation at the interface between academia and industry.

We thank Christian for his entertaining, highly interactive and very insightful talk and our public for showing great interest in the topic!

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