Dissemination & Outreach

As Horizon 2020 is financed by EU citizens, it should benefit to the largest number and the fruits of the research reach society as a whole. In accordance, SECRET-ITN is committed to engage in dissemination, exploitation and outreach activities.

Dissemination pertains to the sharing of research results with potential users – peers in the research field, industry, other commercial players and policymakers). By sharing our research results with the rest of the scientific community, we are contributing to the progress of science in general. In addition, SECRET-ITN is engaging in communication of the action and its results, by providing targeted information to multiple audiences (including the media and the public).

During the lifetime of SECRET-ITN, and beyond, we would like to share our progress, results and accomplishments with the open public.

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You can follow our progress on several media outlets, such as LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook and ResearchGate, in addition to our website.