An important task of the MSCA ITN is to openly share its results and activities with the rest of the world. One way to share is through talks and posters stemming from our project. Below, you can find a chronological listing of the posters created within our consortium, either to advertise organised events or talks, or to communicate findings at scientific meetings.


The SECRET ITN “Careers in the Life Sciences” Seminar series:

Over the course of half a year, from May to October 2022, we are giving them the opportunity to sample the broad spectrum of career choices in the life sciences, through a series of lectures from six invited speakers, scientists that have carved unique and interesting career paths for themselves.

The event was offered in the form of approximately 1 hour long digital lectures, open to early career researchers in the departments of all the beneficiaries, encompassing a 30 – 45 minute presentation, followed by a Q&A session. The lectures cover not only the individual career path and present job description of the speaker, but also the critical decision points that they encountered down the road, advice based on their personal experience, and personal and professional traits that ensured their success and made them a good fit to the career choice they made. Through the SECRET “Careers in the Life Sciences” seminar series, we aimed to build awareness of the broad array of career opportunities in life sciences, and to guide our students to follow careers that fit to their strengths and interests. The speakers all come from a life sciences training background, all having obtained doctoral degrees, but have chosen unique careers paths.


The SECRET ITN Seminar series in 2021 was going over the course of half a year, and each PI could present the work of his/her lab, and be able to discuss it with all consortium members, other PIs and students alike. The series started in January 2021, with monthly sessions and each session comprised two PI presentations and the associated Q&A sessions.